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While doing a question and answer session at a recent film festival, an audience member asked what’s next for Intersection Films. The moderator said our next project was getting Dixie seen by as many people as possible. While promotion of Dixie is certainly a priority right now, we at Intersection Films are chomping at the bit to get back to doing what we love most: making movies.

The coming months are going to see the creative team here at Intersection getting back onto the highways and byways of America looking for stories that have not yet been told. Our newest film is already in pre-production and will begin shooting sometime in the third quarter of 2016. We’re keeping a tight lid on just what exactly this latest film entails. What we can tell you is that it will contain the same type of exhaustive research, engaging interviews, and rare footage found in Dixie. Check our website for information in the coming months or subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive updates and production stills of our latest projects. Just so you don’t think we’re being too coy, here’s a little visual hint about this new project: