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We’ve had the pleasure to speak with scores of educators, historians, and music aficionados excited by the possibility of using Dixie in their classrooms or for public screenings. Dixie is still making its way through promotional film festival screenings across the... read more

What’s Next for Intersection Films

While doing a question and answer session at a recent film festival, an audience member asked what’s next for Intersection Films. The moderator said our next project was getting Dixie seen by as many people as possible. While promotion of Dixie is certainly a priority... read more

Dixie Wins Audience at the Oxford Film Festival

February saw Dixie’s deep south premiere at the Oxford Film Festival in lovely Oxford, Mississippi. Being a couple of Yankees who made a documentary about a southern anthem, we were a little unsure what the reaction would be to the film. Luckily, we didn’t have much... read more